An authentication detector of your product

Save time, Remove piracy

Features that will help to detect fake products

All authentication detecting tools that you will need to detect fake products

Validation Information

Necessary information about the validated products for windows services

Bar-code Authentication

Authenticate The products via bar-code scanner mechanism for time saving

Validate Products

Attain necessary information about the validation of products


Collaborate with colleagues anywhere through windows product services

Managing users

Managing customers or colleagues anywhere through windows services

Post Notification

Notification Center find most urgent posts fro emergency situation

Authenticate verification

Authenticate for verified user through generating OTP and validating user instantly

Product Differentiation

Thus differentiating between verified and fake windows products

About Windows product verification App

Verify & Detect with some simple way

Windows Product Verifier provides an easy-to-use platform that verifies authenticated windows products. This software is a platform to attain information about genuine windows products digitally. By using this app your organization can check the real windows product in one tap

Stop recoding transactions manually

Integrated with other applications

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