Nexparc your parking App

Nexparc parking app is Bangladesh's first professional parking solution which focuses on minimizing the daily annoyance of the vehicle users by assisting them to find convenient parking space when needed. It significantly provides a profitable platform for both the parking asset owners (individuals, corporation etc) and the parking seekers. By providing a better way to find, reserve and pay for parking. Nexparc parking app makes our life easier, reduces extensive city traffic to make our city more accessible and our country more connected.


  • Parking Booking
  • Map Integration
  • Wallet System
  • Parking Rent
  • Income Dashboard
  • Parking Finder, Map, Payment gateway
  • Smart City Program
  • Automotive Product & Services

What you can Do with NexParc

  • Find parking in seconds with NexParc app- wherever and whenever you need it
  • Enjoy peace of mind with information on availability, restrictions and directions
  • Reserve and pay for parking via the app for our quickest, easiest experience
  • You Can get instructions and directions straight to your Parking space