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Multimedia learning using electronic educational technology.

What is e-learning?

E-learning is the process by which a person receives an education through a digital platform, over the Internet. Otherwise called as distance learning, a student can receive all the benefits there are to train themselves, without the need of actually being in a traditional classroom. E-learning offers effective instructional tools, such as:

  • Timely feedback
  • Collaborative along with self-paced study options
  • Personalized leaning paths with simulations and interactive games

Our E-LEARNING Solution Modules

User Management Module

User management module is essentially the admin panel where the administrator can manage user information. This is one of the basic modules for an e-learning application. This module helps in managing users, groups and roles. Administrators can add, delete, and modify user information, groups or roles.

Participants Management Module

Participant management in the e-learning system sees end users like instructors and learners as participants. These modules show their status within the system, such as the devices they use to log in, their IP addresses, log in and log out times, duration of activity/inactivity, amount of time spent on the application etc.

Trainee Management Module

In this module, the administrator can manage the information of learners. For example, in Coursera and other e-learning platforms, the administrator can see the progress of a particular learner through this kind of trainee management module. Here, the administrator can see the overall and individual progress of students and edit/update the information.

Result Management and processing system

A simple explanation of a result management and processing system: an instructor uploads the marks of students. The result management and processing system can then implement the marks, along with attendance percentage, submissions and other assessment results if needed, onto an easy to view dashboard.

Certificate Management Module

This certificate management module will be generated after a course has undergone completion. The system will receive the final grades of students from the result management and processing system. While reviewing the grades, it will verify whether the learner has completed all the contents of the particular course. If they have completed all the components and passed the assessments, this certificate module will visible. A PDF file of the certificate will then be generated. Alternatively, the trainee can gain a physical certificate through courier services.

Dormitory Management Module

In the e-learning system, the dormitory management module is one of the most important modules to accommodate both learners and trainers. The admin can see the total number of dormitories and available rooms and choose to assign dormitories to different users (i.e. trainers or learners)

e-Learning Solutions

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