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Development Team

We Build a Team
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A dedicated team is a complete engineering unit staffed with all the skills necessary to complete a project.

NexKraft’s Client
Engagement Models

For custom software design and development projects based on clearly defined specifications, NexKraft can offer either a Dedicated Full-time Equivalent (FTE) contract or a Project-based contract. With our Fixed Quote projects, we endeavor to stay within our initial estimate if project specifications are not subject to material change. We try to be as transparent as possible in our pricing.

Dedicated Development Resource

  • No upfront cost
  • We will match the skill-set requirements and qualification required for the resource
  • There will be oversight from a development and project manager to assist the resource
  • Fixed resource rate with monthly invoice at the end of the month
  • This model is similar to having a dedicated remote resource

Skill Set Requirements

Our Client will send the skill-set requirements for a dedicated resource.

Requirement Analysis

Experiencing team of Nexkraft will review the requirements and check for available resources best suited as oer the required skill-set.

Resource Interview

Nexkraft will share resource profiles with the client. The client may request short interview sessions with the resources to evaluate expertise.

Resource Management

In order to maintain the productivity of the assigned resource, NexKraft will also assign Dev, and Project Leads as per necessity to ensure efficient & effective service.

Resource Assign

An average of 150 hours will be dedicated per month per resource.

Agreement Signing

A formal master service agreement is sent to the client mentioning the mutually agreed start date of the engagement of the resource/s to start as an extension of the client’s team.

Work Review

Weekly timesheets and update of work progress will be shared with the client to review ensuring full transparency.

Billing Cycle

Invoices will be sent at the end of each month for the work that has been delivered. Clients will have 15-30 days to pay the invoices.

End of Engagement

The engagement will continue till the client provides a prior written notice to scale down.

Fixed Quote Project

  • No upfront cost
  • Detailed project plan with a fixed pricing model
  • Quality assurance and testing included

Project Requirements

Project requirements are received (either high level or with complete details). This can be through email in a format preferred by the client.

Engineering Team

Engineering team of NexKraft will review the requirements. Technology preferences will be discussed with the client.

Requirement Discussion

NexKraft will share either a ballpark estimation to the client or discussion sessions might be required to understand the overall project requirements.

Continuation of the Project

Engineering team will continue the project as per the plan ensuring the completed milestones to the client through pre-scheduled project follow up meetings.

Project Start

Projects will start in due time mutually agreed upon approval of the project plan and quotation by the client.

Project Plan & Quote

A formal project plan and quotation is submitted to the client for approval.

Project Completion

Project will end in due time once all the deliveries are approved by Client.

Billing Cycle

Project is billed at the end of each month or the entire project as per the approved plan.

Project End

Project will end once NexKraft submits and the client approves all the deliverables.

Benefits of Dedicated Teams from NexKraft

We manage the team allowing the client to focus on other priorities.

Lower cost

Lower risk

A fast start, no training required

Maximum flexibility and control

The team is completely focused on your project

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